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 After a discussion with the organisers of the Yaxley Fireworks display and an outline of what they wanted. We were able to start creating the new website ready for the 2018 display.The website would be a simple and professional site with only a couple of pages with specific information. The site would be live hosted and would need capability to connect to a separate site where ticket sales would be made.

We started working closely with the organiser to create a design which was simplistic and would look highly professional. The previous site was a simple 3 page site with key information located in the center of the screen.We designed a site that would be fully responsive, have the ability to go to a full PHP system in the future and give us a greater playground to add new features in the future.


We have simplified the information architecture that helps users easily navigate the site, aided by simple and clear drop-downs and link buttons. The result is a customer experience that is simple and intuitive, whether on mobile, tablet or desktop.

The design that we have created allows our users to locate the information simply and everything is mirrored from the original site. We have increased the real estate on the site to allow for more features to be included in the future. All of the information has remained the same and we have been able to integrate some new features like the countdown clock and iframing which wasn’t present in the previous site.


The site is currently live and is always being updated. Due to the site being on a forwarded domain we have had some issues with the direct URL links to the booking system site. Because of the this we have inputted a redirect page which is located on the WinterLab Productions site. This allows users to jump between the two sites to make ticket booking easier. Of course we are always looking for new ways to adapt the system to make it easier for our clients and their end users.

We are currently in the process of putting together a design proposal which will be handed to the organisers of the event on how we can improve the system, what it will take and what how it will improve the overall user experience. As with any project we aim to keep pushing the limits and improving our relationship with our customers.



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