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The Begining

In March 2018, we took over the Little Scrummers Rugby website. The owners were looking for a new company to take change and help develop the site to fulfil their requirements. Over the past couple of months we have fully converted the website to PHP and we have started working on addressing issues that were still outstanding for the client.

Working closely alongside the owner, we have improved and developed new features to improve usability within their management system, addressed issues with usability on the main site, fully updated backend systems included SQL, PHP, HTML and Emailing.

A clear vision

We have simplified the information architecture that helps users easily navigate the site, aided by simple and clear drop-downs and link buttons. The result is a customer experience that is simple and intuitive, whether on mobile, tablet or desktop.
The design emphasises on the site has remained the same and the focus on the companies branding and colours of blue, white and red continues throughout the site. Very little has changed with the design of the website but we have changed the structure so that easy management and design changes can be made when required.

The Site

The Little Scrummers Rugby season has just finished and we are currently working hard to get the latest features available for parents, coaches and franchise admins. We are uploading brand new site updates each month as part of our ongoing management. There have been a number of updates already uploaded and we are excitied to see the affect of these updates on the websites responsiveness and usability.
We have lots of features still to be uploaded and we look forward to starting another season we Little Scrummers Rugby.

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