About Us

The Begining

WinterLab Productions is a team of freelance creators working together to provide all of our clients with the highest standard of work. Started at the beginng of 2018, WinterLab Productions was created and designed to cover a wide range of different sectors. Starting off with website desgin/development and moving into photography, branding, print/publication, graphic design and event management. The concept of WinterLab Productions was to allow companies/brands to utalised all of our services under one roof, meaning that we would take over the majority of the work and make it easier for the company to fulfill their goals.

Management of Impro Graphics

In March 2018, WinterLab Productions took over Impro Graphics which was created back in 2016 by now WinterLab Productions Owner Jordan S. Started in 2016, Impro Graphis has been slowly growning and currently has a number of clients acorrs the East Midlands region of the UK covering all types of design work. The main areas that Impro Graphics cover is Photography, Web Design and Print/Publication design. Impro Graphics have provided design work for a number of different companies and events. The majority of the work can be viewed on their Instagram page, Click Here To View!

The Future

Being in the early development stages of the company there are lots of exciting work in the pipe lines ready and waiting to be launch. Make sure you stay tuned and join us for the ride.

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Meet The Team

Jordan S