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Our Support

WinterLab Productions aims to provide a high standard of support to all of our clients. We aim to deal with situation raised as soon as possible after we receive them. We aim to ensure that minimal website down time is achieved and that the clients issues are fixed based on a level of importance.

Level of Importance

We will complete all cases logged with us based on a level of importanc. If a case is urgent and it is seen that it could cause some distrubtion to the running of the website, then this will be completed as a matter of urgency under a HIGH importance.

Some cases will be complete as part of a version update. Version updates are set to be completed once or twice a month depending on the amount of issues logged with us. These give us a set period of time to ensure that everything is designed, produced and tested to the clients specification prior to them going live. On the date of the version update going live it will take approx 2-3 hours (depending on size) for the updates to be complete. These updates will normally be scheduled to be complete late on a sunday evening

Live Update

As part of us providing a clear line of updates to our clients, for each update we complete there will also be a live feedback page allowing them to view updates as they happen. We aim to keep this up to date down to the minute however we can not always guarantee that this will be achieved.

Update Results

We also provide our clients with an version update results page which will include the original version update information and it will also include what has been include and what has been done. Any notes regarding issues with the updates will also be inlcuded. This page will also be linked on an email sent to the client once the update has been completed to inform them that it has been done.